How To Invest Online

You could increase your profits with High Yield Investment Programs but investing in HYIPs is risky so you should always try to find out more information about a HYIP before investing in it.

In the "HYIP industry" there is is a concept called "test spend" or "test deposit" that should be used immediately after joining a High Yield Investment Program.

A “test spend” is a small amount deposited in an investment program that you just joined in order to test it. When you join a high yield investment program you should not make large investments before making a test deposit.

With a test spend you can test a HYIP to check if it is reliable or not. You can see if a HYIP is processing withdrawal requests on time for example. If you made a test spend but that investment program is not paying your withdrawal requests at least you lose only a small amount so you are minimizing the risk.

We are offering professional hyip monitoring services and new investment programs are constantly added to our hyip monitor. You can subscribe with Feedburner to be announced when a new program is added on our monitor.

AutoSurfs are investment programs resembling a lot like HYIPs, however you are required to visit several websites on a daily basis if you want to get to get your profit.

AutoSurfs investment programs are not so popular anymore so we decided to not monitor this type of investment schemes unless is really a new and unique investment opportunity involved. With AutoSurfs investment programs you will get paid to surf and the amount paid will depend according to your investment in that program. Your investments (deposits) are usually named “upgrades” and it will be considered fees that you will pay to participate at the investing program. You will earn profits as percents calculated at the upgrades purchased by you.

As a conclusion, investing in AutoSurfs is like investing in HYIPs, the same risk is involved regarding both types of investment programs.